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A national market research firm is conducting a $150.00 PAID FOCUS GROUPS on the topic of FEMALE HEALTH.

Participants will receive $150.00 PAID IMMEDIATELY AT THE END of this 2 hour opinion studies study taking place in CENTER CITY PHILADELPHIA (just 1 block from SUBURBAN STATION and 2 blocks from CITY HALL) with FREE PARKING provided.

This consumer opinion studies are for FEMALES AGES 35-80 years old of ANY ETHNIC BACKGROUND. 

The available times for these sessions are:

Next Thursday March 2nd / 12:00PM-2:00PM
Next Thursday March 2nd / 2:00PM-4:00PM

The purpose of this study is to provide opinions about new product solutions from a major healthcare company. These studies are NOT a product test or trial, it will only involve providing opinions.

If interested, please respond to the CONDENSED 2-MINUTE SIGNUP QUESTIONS and we will contact you promptly if you qualify:
First and Last Name
* Email Address
* Best Phone Number(s)
* Gender
* Age
Please tell me, if any of the following statements relate to you?
I’d like to become pregnant within the next 6 months
I’m currently trying to get pregnant
I have children and am interested in becoming pregnant within the next 6 months
I am not interested in becoming pregnant anytime soon
I am currently pregnant and have less than 30 weeks of pregnancy
I am pregnant currently and have 30 weeks or more of pregnancy
How much planning (ex. thinking about the future) would you say you're doing for a potential or for an existing pregnancy?
No planning
Planned a little
Some planning
Fair amount of planning
Extensive planning
Do you know anyone who has ever experienced a preterm birth (baby delivered under 9 months or 37 weeks)?  
Have you have experienced one of the symptoms below in the PAST MONTH? (SELECT ALL THAT APPLY)
Bladder problems such as frequent sudden urges, leaking, or having to go to the bathroom frequently
Non-food allergies, such as pollen, dust, pets, etc.
Asthma attacks
Frequent or severe headaches
None of the Above